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All enquiries about Baptism should be made to

The Rev'd Jan Durrans

Priest in Charge St Peter in Thanet, Broadstairs.

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Celebrating the birth of your child

As a parent you want to celebrate the arrival of your child with some form of service in church. Please contact Rev'd Jan who will arrange to meet with you.The Church of England recognises two main services to celebrate the birth of a child:

Thanksgiving – a simple thank you to God for your child where prayers are said, the child is named and blessed and a gospel given which tells the story of Jesus.

Baptism (sometimes called Christening)

As a parent you will be asked in the service if you are willing to bring up your child as a Christian within the family of Christ’s Church. During Baptism words of commitment to Jesus Christ and his church are made, the child is then named, water is poured over the child and prayers are said. You will be expected to attend church services regularly and the Together@Ten Service for all age worship on the 2nd Sunday in the month is the one we recommend as it is child friendly.

Godparents are chosen by you solely for this purpose of making promises to God on behalf of their godchild, encouraging the child’s spiritual growth though prayer, bible reading, and attending services in church, and to set them a good example of Christian living. To do this they themselves need to be baptized and worshipping members of a church. Godparents are not legal guardians as the roles are quite separate, although some can be asked to fulfil both.

You will need to think carefully about choosing Godparents as in the service of Baptism as they will be asked to make a clear and personal confession of the Christian faith.