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The Church Tower HLF Application



Following an inspection of the church tower in October 2012 by David John, from English Heritage, and Andrew Clague, the church architect informal support was given to make an application to the ‘HLF Grants for Places of Worship’ scheme. A HLF Grant Committee of four was set up and they completed the first stage of the HLF application in time for the August 2013 deadline. In December 2013 the Parish Church of St. Peter received the news that they had been awarded a Development Grant of £19,600 so that a Second Round application could be made in 2014.



Just before applying for the first stage HLF application the church received a generous anonymous donation of £10,000 to cover the repair and restoration of the tower window. It was recognised that the church would require additional funds not only to cover the church’s required contribution to the repair of the church tower but also for work that is required inside the church and for improvements to the Church Halls. As a result a separate Fundraising Committee was set up to raise funds for the Church Tower, the Church Halls and for Reordering the Church.


During 2014 the HLF Grant committee together with the church architect have met on a regular basis to produce the second stage HLF application, whilst the Fund Raising Committee have embarked on a range of events to generate funds. A thermometer was placed outside the church to show the how much the church community has raised.


A display has been in the church showing details of the Tower project and acknowledging the HLF Development grant as well as showing proposals for improvements to the Church Halls and possible reordering of the Church over the next few years.


As a result of the bad weather during the winter of 2013 it was necessary to fence the tower off as a safety precaution. This was financed by the PCC. The protective fence enabled the Grant Committee to acknowledge the support of The National Lottery with a large publicity board.


Although an inspection of the tower in 2012 had revealed significant problems with the tower and photographs of many of the problem areas had been submitted in the First Round HLF application, all four sides of the church tower were laser scanned and a small remote controlled helicopter took detailed photographs of the entire tower. As a result rectified images of the tower were produced to indicate the exact parts of the tower that need to be repaired and will form part of the second round HLF application.


Scaffolding was erected both inside and outside the tower to enable the tower window to be taken out and to be taken away for repairs and restoration by the Deal stained glass specialist John Corley Stained Glass Studio. It is hoped that the stained window will be back in place by the end of 2014.


The Fundraising Committee have organised many fundraising events during 2014. Fundraising events have included individual ‘Save the Tower Loose Change Appeal’ collecting boxes, the major launch of the ‘Fundraising appeal’ at the Church and in the Church Hall, a number of concerts/musical events in the church, a beetle drive during half term, Ladies nights, a murder mystery play put on by local teachers, the Church Summer Fete and a photographic competition ‘This Made Me Smile’ with 13 photographs being selected for a 2015 calendar.


Individuals have supported the Fundraising appeal with generous individual donations, doing collections at a local supermarket and a garden centre, doing sponsored walks to name just some of the support that individual members of the community have given to the church and the fundraising appeal.


As a result of all the fundraising activities over £30,000 has been raised during 2014 by the Fundraising Committee.


The Friends of St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s Churches have agreed a donation of £10,000 to St Peter’s Parish Church for the restoration of the Church Tower.

The Friends of Kent Churches have awarded the church a donation of £20,000 for the restoration of the Church Tower.


The local TDFAS (Thanet Decorative and Fine Arts Society) have given £100 for St Peter’s to develop a NADFAS Church Trail for children (and accompanying adults) Answers to the church trail and explanatory notes are also being prepared. This is in the final stages of development.


Andrew Clague and James Kenton from the Church Architects, Clague LLP of Canterbury, have been working with the HLF Grant Committee to produce the Second Round ‘HLF Grants for Places of Worship’ application. This will be submitted to the HLF for the 24th November 2014 deadline with the expectation that we will hear the result of our application in the first couple of months of 2015.


It was planned for the work on the tower to be completed in approximately six months between June and November 2015. It soon became obvious that this target was not going to be achieved because of some additional problems that came to light as work progressed, and also because there were long delays between the ordering of the Kent ragstone and its delivery from the quarry. The church HLF committee contacted our HLF adviser, Simon Shaw, who readily agreed an extension to the contract. Rather than a short extension the HLF agreed a flexible extension allowing for any bad weather that might prevent work during the winter months. Eventually the work on the tower was completed in June 2016.


June 2016: just before the scaffolding was taken down the Historic England architect, David John, returned to St. Peter’s church for a final inspection of the church tower, with James Kenton, (Clague of Canterbury architect), and members of the HLF Committee. David John was extremely pleased with the work that had been done on the tower. He announced that the historic church of St. Peter’s in Thanet could be removed from the ‘Historic England Churches at Risk’ register. The church tower and the church of St. Peter’s were no longer in danger of being closed to the public for many years to come.